Questions about the Environmental Assessment

The County and Towns are taking questions and comments regarding the Environmental Assessment. They will compile all the public comments received and prepare responses with input from the scientists and engineers that prepared the EA. Submit your comments before May 23rd using the online survey. After the 23rd, we suggest emailing your questions directly to local leaders.

Here are a few of our questions

  1. This tract is a stronghold for Four-Toed Salamanders. The wildlife corridors proposed by the Environmental Assessment are much too narrow for many species and fragmented by roads and other development. Why weren’t key connections between watersheds considered, or off-site areas?
  2. How were user groups like TORC, the Carolina Bird Club, Millstriders, and the Trailheads trail running group involved in the assessment?
  3. How will trail users access the trails?
  4. How will safety of trail users be ensured given that the trails would cross busy roads in several places?
  5. Why didn’t the Environmental Assessment include a plan for a contiguous park as the authors stated would be preferable in the introduction?
  6. Given that the assessors recommended preservation of the entire 164-acre, why were the only plans presented ones that are full of roads, roundabouts and little space for an actual park?
  7. How can we take the Environmental Assessment seriously if all the plans involve cutting thousands of trees including some of the most beautiful in the entire property including some of the iconic oak trees?
  8. Which Land Conservation Groups have been part of the assessment?
  9. How can you claim that areas are “preserved” when a road runs through it?
  10. Your previous presentation shows “greenspace” but the majority of the land shown is not publicly owned land? How can we take your comments seriously when you clearly are misleading the public on the amount of publicly owned greenspace south of I-40 and within the Chapel Hill limits?